The emphasis at Rowe School is on laying the foundation for Yarmouth Core Values and Life Role Outcomes. As a member of the Rowe School community, your child is working towards being safe, kind, helpful, and polite and developing positive work habits.

Responsible Community Member

  • Shows respect for others (sensitive and tolerant of others, respecting rights & property of others, good manners, works and plays well with others) 
  • Shows respect for school environment (materials, workspace, belongings) 
  • Follows rules and routines of the school (classroom, playground, and hallways)
  • Exhibits self control 
  • Takes responsibility for own actions 
  • Contributes positively in a group

Self-Directed Learner

  • Listens attentively to others 
  • Follows directions 
  • Works independently 
  • Uses time constructively 
  • Seeks help when necessary 
  • Completes work
  • Shows best effort 
  • Expresses ideas clearly when speaking